Tele-marketing, married with call centre outsourcing, has proven to be effective in achieving sales goals and increasing reach to potential customers in an efficient manner. Connect Centre is committed to reliable and efficient sales and marketing programs paired with highly developed tools and teams. We believe that applying a world-class and intensified sales approach is crucial in building business through the proper marketplace. Our customized outbound program meets and even exceeds not only our clients’ but even their customers’ expectations.

We have designed a series of sales frameworks that can be personally modified for your marketing requirements and standards. These frameworks are cultivated with solid, exceptional tools and processes. We implement established sales programs that are readily available across the globe, paired with our global marketing expertise and processes, enabling you to increase your segment focus, execution quality and investment productivity.

We take business ownership and customer relationship professionally, and stand firmly that great customer service is key to building strong relationships essential to ramp-up sales. Our team is vastly trained with our specialised training framework aligned with client strategies and goals, proven to boost sales performance of clients without compromising quality service.

Our Tele-marketing services are cost-friendly and relieve you from the expense and effort of managing your own telemarketing team. Together with our dedicated agents, we continuously improve our processes to ensure total service quality, helping our clients win in the marketplace without sacrificing their budget. Our Tele-marketing services are equipped with the following:


Highly proficient in selling and communicating with integrity.


Continuous improvement, extending training support, coaching, calibration & process updates from onboarding to the production floor.


Implemented to increase revenue and add value to client-customer relationship.


Based on your target market and providing relevant information to your customers without compromising sales target.


Designed in proximity of your target demographics and customers.


Accurately generated to guide you in determining your next steps and decisions in making your business relevant to the market.

Connect Centre operates on a standard Business Excellence strategy for real-time production monitoring. We stand by the fact that Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) should not only measure your company’s performance, but our’s as well, keeping us accountable for meeting your numbers. We value the importance of a campaign’s conversion rate and lead response through KPI’s which are presented into a readable report, enabling you to generate future business plans:

• Lead Conversion Rate
• Lead Contact Rate
• Agent Conversion Rate
• Agent Productivity
• Average Conversion Value
• Leads Analysis (Sales Response of Products or promotion)
• Qualifying of Lead – to increase your sales stream