Founded in 2004, Connect Centre is a multi-channel outsourced contact centre that provides customer relationship management solutions.

Our services include Customer Service, Fault Reporting / Technical Support, Facilities Management, Tele-Sales / Tele-Marketing, Emergency Response and Administrative Back-o ce, delivered with state-of-the-art contact centre omni-channel technologies, across inbound and outbound Phone Voice calls, non-voice channels such as SMS, website Live-chat, Webchats, Email, WhatsApp, AI Chatbots and other online services.

Having served clients from diverse industries ranging from Industrial equipment, Engineering, Medical & Healthcare, Telecommunication, Facilties Management, Food & Beverage (F&B), Financial Services, Information Technology to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), we are widely known as the go-to outsourced call specialist in Singapore.

As an extension of your company’s brand and an integral part of your customer service management, we deliver services that are professional and friendly. We achieve this by deploying the best-of- breed call centre technology and promising promptness in call resolution.

Additionally, we have a committed team of agents who are majority Singaporeans and embrace a customer-centric culture. Being locals, they can instantly connect and effectively communicate with the local end-users through familiar accents and nuances.


Strong & Positive Relationships between Businesses & their Customers, bridged and fostered by Connect Centre.


To provide superior contact centre services that are seamless, pleasant and supportive to the end users, and of superior quality yet cost effective to our clients.


Complexity Made Simple

At Connect Centre, we believe that beauty lies in simplicity. We strive to deliver high quality services and bestinclass customer experiences over and above anything else, and through simpli ed guidance, deliver the solutions to the most complicated challenges posed by our customers in simple, rightsized, easytounderstand, step-bystep instructions by our wellmannered and professionallytrained call agents.

Instant Connection

We value relationships and are always able to understand our customers and their endusers quickly and accurately. Our local agents aim to build a good rapport and communicate in a friendly and approachable manner.

Lasting Impression

We make a positive impact on our clientscustomer relations management, brand and profitability by delivering solutions on their behalf. As such, every interaction with the endusers is one that will leave a lasting impression on our clients brand, with a feeling that their problems have been effectively resolved, with ease and relief.

Enabled Businesses

By outsourcing their contact centre to us, our clients can reduce manpower and costs over the long run, thereby empowering them to focus on their core business. Service excellence that is offered at every level of our organisation. From CEO to sales to finance, all the time.

Empowered Staff

Our call agents, the unsung heroes, have been equipped with practical employable skills and opportunities to help them and renewed hope and con dence. These are conscious steps taken by us to help them reintegrate back into society, and get a second chance in life.



Our team possesses the spirit of cooperation. Coupled with a cando attitude, we work collaboratively internally and externally to achieve our common goals of service excellence.


Mutual respect for all is resonated in every part of the organisation. We respect the culture, beliefs and values of others and show consideration for individuals opinions and rights, regardless of their background and ability.


We demonstrate our integrity by delivering our promises, taking responsibility for our actions and doing the right thing at all times.


We adapt to the changing needs of our clients and the market by offering exible, customised services. We are open to new ideas, approaches and opportunities while maintaining our other core values.


We deal with our customers, employees and other stakeholders openly and fairly. We do not endorse prejudice or favouritism, and take an equity stance at all times.


We are sincere in all our endeavours, including our verbal and written communication as well as physical interactions with our clients, endusers and other stakeholders.